Stabilus a German Made Gas Spring for Lifting Kids Furniture – Ergo
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Stabilus - German Made Gas Lift

Traditional Study Desk with four legs would not need any technological consideration. However, technology and product quality become a critical consideration when an ergonomic table is expected to not only move up and down, it has to be done frequently.

It is so critical that the design, quality and reputation of the manufacturer of the lifting device have to be same, if not better than the desk manufacturer.

Ergo-Kid2Youth uses Stabilus Gas Lift, a world renowned German manufacturer for Gas Spring. Gas leaking from their cylinder is so remote that the manufacturer’s standard warranty offered is 10 years.

The same Stabilus Gas Spring is also widely used by European car manufacturer. Usual application of this device can be found on the fifth door of a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) or Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) or the engine bonnet of a car.

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